Financial Reporting Services in Stamford, CT

Financial Reporting Services in Stamford, CT

Hire an accountant you can trust

Are you trusting your personal or business finances to Google and a calculator?

You can do better! Barry Gould CPA is a resource for people like you in need of top-quality accounting help at an affordable rate. We're a local firm that can give you the smart, experienced help that you need for your:

  • Personal income taxes
  • Small business taxes
  • Property taxes and more

Hire a business accountant in Stamford, CT

When it was only you doing the work, your small business was a lot easier to manage. But as your business grew and you hired additional personnel, financial reporting began to seem like a real chore.

Are you struggling to find the time to prepare pay stubs for your employees? Need to make sure the numbers come out correctly? Want help with your quarterly payroll taxes?

You’ve come to the right place! Call Barry Gould CPA at (203) 353-3331 for financial reporting services in Stamford, Connecticut.