Tax Preparation Services in Stamford, CT

Tax Preparation Services in Stamford, CT

Get help with your taxes

If you’re in need of a great partner for your personal or business finances, give Barry Gould CPA a call today. For 22 years, Barry Gould has helped people like you with their important financial tasks, including:

  • Payroll and bookkeeping
  • Small business taxes
  • Property taxes and more


File your personal income taxes in Stamford, CT

Let’s face it: life is more expensive than ever. Keeping up with your personal finances is practically a full-time occupation. So when tax season arrives, it can be easy to feel anxious— especially when you hear words like “audit!”

But Barry Gould is here to ease your fears about filing with Uncle Sam. Barry Gould is skilled at helping people optimize their tax returns for maximum financial return, and lowest risk of audit or error.

Don’t get flustered— get help! Reach out to Barry Gould CPA today at (203) 353-3331 for personal income tax preparation in Stamford, Connecticut.